Drills & Dropin

MCHL will be offering a Drills and Drop-in for beginner and novice skaters looking to improve their skill and knowledge of the game. Each month would be coached by a different coach. This would give multiple views of playing the game. They’re maybe some months where coaches will do it several times throughout the year but we are going to try to get a different coach each month.

We will have you signup for one session at a time. Each session will be 1 month minus holidays. You can signup for each session if you like, there is no limit. Each month the price my change due the the amount of Friday’s that month. For January the cost will be $52.00. It will held on Friday, 5:45pm at Motto. The 1st 15-20 minutes would be working on drills based on whatever that coach wants to pass on. Most will have to deal with skating outside your normal comfort zone (nothing too crazy) and positional hockey.

Please signup below, we will be limiting the amount of people we allow per session.