League Policy Summary

No Ringers Allowed

“Ringers” will be determined by the Directors, and based on an evaluation skate and skill level of the majority of players (Ringer is defined as a single player that is skilled well above the average “A” level player during any season)
No Checking and No Fighting

Minor/Major penalties and suspensions will be given for checking, roughing and fighting, depending on the situtation.

The initiator of an intent to injure Major Penalty will be given a minimum 2 game suspension.

First intent to injure Major Penalty is a 2 game suspension or more, second intent to injure instigated will result in the player being ejected from the league and a forfeit of all league fees.

3rd man in will be given a minimum 1 game suspension.

All suspensions and major penalties will be decided by the Metro Classic Hockey League Directors.

Referees will call all penalties based on the guidelines given by the Metro Classic Hockey League Directors and in conjunction with the official rule book.
Conflict Resolution & Chain of Command

If a player has a dispute with a call made during a game or other difference of opinions, it will be the captains job for each season to counsel the team player(s) and make every attempt at resolving the issue themselves.

Only if the dispute cannot be resolved by the captain, should the dispute be brought to a Director for resolution

If the conflict cannot be resolved immediately by the Director, it will be brought to the Executive Director and if needed the Metro Classic Hockey League Board for discussion and a ruling
Team Selection

Teams will be selected by way of draft for novice, intermediate B, intermediate and MCHL division players. Beginners will be assigned to noivce teams.

The draft will consist of captains making two initial picks, to begin the team, and all others will be one pick per turn until all rosters are full.

Friends and relatives that want to play together will be dealt with on an individual basis, any accommodations will be decided during the draft, however MCHL makes no guarantee that all parties will be placed on their team of choice.

A board of select players will be appointed by the Directors to represent all players for each season.
League Terms of Participation

Under NO circumstance will any Refund be made for any reason, this includes injuries, relocation and, includes but is not limited to any other league sanction, suspension or expulsion.

MCHL, is a for fun and exercise league if you are a “Wanna be NHL’r” this is not your kind of league, the MCHL Directors and Board strongly recommend that you do not join. If you choose at any point to take the fun out the games or league for yourself, and or other player’s you will be expelled from Metro Hockey without any recourse, appeal process or refund. The MCHL Board and Executive Director reserve the right to refuse any player from participation. All of the policies listed above are designed to protect each and every player, and subject to change, based on your attitude and conduct, so please act like an adult, and you can expect to be treated like an adult. Please always take some time to think through any issues and communicate related ideas or changes you believe to be necessary to myself or the other staff in a civil manor. Remember we all do this for fun, so think, before you act or react.

Most of all learn to enjoy your “Adult Hockey” experience its not all about winning.