Delta House Papa Jim’s Cronies
Forbidden Burrito Regulators
Jelly Dekin It Stud Muffinz
Mohawks Young Hellebuycks


Dekin Aboot Naked and Afraid
Deking Under the Influence Old Dog’s
LeTang Bang Ray Makes Ten
Makar’s Mark Ray’s Only Fans
Moby Dekes Typical Lightning


12 Oz Curls The Last Dance
Klug The Crease Toe Dragons
Non-Dairy Creamers Veteran Presence


Beer City Hockey Club Easton Fection
Camel Toe Draggers Healthy Scratches

Summer 2022

Novice Teams:

Big Meaty Clappers Dangleberries
Gizmonic Institute PreTenders
Heel Turn Regulators

Intermediate B Teams:

Cluster Pucks Deking Under the Influence
Dude Where’s Makar Reverse Engineers 3

Winter 2022

Novice Teams:

Average Joes Regulators
Crow My God Schlitz Faced
Disconcerting Signals What the Flock

Intermediate B Teams:

Attack on Pigeon Reverse Engineers 2
Blue Line Buzzed South Harmon IT
Moms Spaghetti Stix and Hix
No Regretzky The Eh Team
Pro Magnum Walt Dekesney World

MCHL Teams:

Angry Dolphins Grape Whistle
Busch Light Matters Landlords
Bye Week Non-Dairy Creamers
Cage Free Hosers Rusty Blades
Eskimo Brothers Wednesday Night Boys



Summer 2021

Novice Teams:

Detroit Batwings Mid Ice Crisis
Honky Tonk Stomp Strome Troopers
Hurts When I PIM Extreme Puckery

Intermediate B Teams:

In Your Crease Here 4 Beer
Reverse Engineers Uh Oh BosettiOs

MCHL Teams:

Buschhh League
Caulk Block
San Jose Sharts

Winter 2020/2021

Novice Team:

EBDB Pucked Up
Every Day I’m Byfuglien Regulators
Frosty Fish Sticks Unsolicited Stick Pics

Intermediate B Teams:

Cup Checkers Pigeon HC
Deflected Goals P-Town Preds
Hot Tacos Reed Is Sus
Pandemic At The 5 Hole Zambronies

Intermediate Teams:

Chill Skillets Juno Dos Tres
Eskimo Brothers Terrible
Ice Devils Yvesbound and Down

MCHL Teams:

Bockman/Honaker Latimer/Lerdahl
Latimer/Bockman Honaker/Latimer
Bockman/Lerdahl Lerdahl/Honaker

Summer 2020


Alcoholics Unanimous Lines Like These
Dekes In The Box Sommer Time Squeeze
Draught Eligible Team U.S.Eh

Intermediate B Teams:

2 Claps & A Ric Pigeon Non-Dairy Creamers
Goalie Bullies Poppin’ Dons Cherry

MCHL Teams:

Team Ridgway Team Thiele

Winter 2019/2020

Novice Teams

Boats and Hossas Premature Celebration
Flying Monkeys Snail Trails
Kandy Kanes The Big Dekes
Modest Moose The Fighting Amish

Intermediate B Teams:

Mr Bodangles Scrambled Legs
Old School’d The Dustier Pigeons
Ordinarier Thunderer Top Cheddar
Puck Holding Wheel Snipe Celly

Intermediate Teams:

Blades of Steel Moist
Dry White Toast Softest D’s
FREAD Unnecessary Icing
Icy Hot Heroes Wednesday Night Boy’s Club

MCHL Teams:

Irish Swinging Richards
Rubbers and Beer Team Ferda

Winter 2020, All-Star Teams:

Novice White Novice Black
Intermediate B White Intermediate B Black
Intermediate White Intermediate Black
MCHL White MCHL Black

Summer 2019

Novice Teams

Bone Pucks n Harmony Shut Your 5 Hole
Bush Lightning The Omaha Pigeons
Fleury Convention Threat Level Midnight

Intermediate B Teams

Flying Elbows The Dusty Pigeons
Non-Dairy Creamers Upcountry D’gens

MCHL Teams

Breezer Squeezers Slippery Burritoes
LaBatt Blues Toe Dragons