Summer 2021

Novice Teams:

Detroit BatwingsMid Ice Crisis
Honky Tonk StompStrome Troopers
Hurts When I PIMExtreme Puckery

Intermediate B Teams:

In Your CreaseHere 4 Beer
Reverse EngineersUh Oh BosettiOs

MCHL Teams:

Buschhh League
Caulk Block
San Jose Sharts

Winter 2020/2021

Novice Team:

EBDBPucked Up
Every Day I’m ByfuglienRegulators
Frosty Fish SticksUnsolicited Stick Pics

Intermediate B Teams:

Cup CheckersPigeon HC
Deflected GoalsP-Town Preds
Hot TacosReed Is Sus
Pandemic At The 5 HoleZambronies

Intermediate Teams:

Chill SkilletsJuno Dos Tres
Eskimo BrothersTerrible
Ice DevilsYvesbound and Down

MCHL Teams:


Summer 2020


Alcoholics UnanimousLines Like These
Dekes In The BoxSommer Time Squeeze
Draught EligibleTeam U.S.Eh

Intermediate B Teams:

2 Claps & A Ric PigeonNon-Dairy Creamers
Goalie BulliesPoppin’ Dons Cherry

MCHL Teams:

Team Ridgway Team Thiele

Winter 2019/2020

Novice Teams

Boats and HossasPremature Celebration
Flying MonkeysSnail Trails
Kandy KanesThe Big Dekes
Modest MooseThe Fighting Amish

Intermediate B Teams:

Mr BodanglesScrambled Legs
Old School’dThe Dustier Pigeons
Ordinarier ThundererTop Cheddar
Puck HoldingWheel Snipe Celly

Intermediate Teams:

Blades of SteelMoist
Dry White ToastSoftest D’s
FREADUnnecessary Icing
Icy Hot HeroesWednesday Night Boy’s Club

MCHL Teams:

IrishSwinging Richards
Rubbers and BeerTeam Ferda

Winter 2020, All-Star Teams:

Novice WhiteNovice Black
Intermediate B WhiteIntermediate B Black
Intermediate WhiteIntermediate Black
MCHL WhiteMCHL Black

Summer 2019

Novice Teams

Bone Pucks n HarmonyShut Your 5 Hole
Bush LightningThe Omaha Pigeons
Fleury ConventionThreat Level Midnight

Intermediate B Teams

Flying ElbowsThe Dusty Pigeons
Non-Dairy CreamersUpcountry D’gens

MCHL Teams

Breezer SqueezersSlippery Burritoes
LaBatt BluesToe Dragons