Detroit Batwings

Jeff Johnstone Team Captain
Patrick Berry Assistant Captain
Joe Peterson Assistant Captain

Detroit Batwings

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Summer 2021 Novice Standings


Summer 2021 Novice Player Stats

1Derek StremickExtreme Puckery15195244
2Andrew StevensExtreme Puckery17137202
3Jordan MackeyExtreme Puckery16155200
4Mark FoxDetroit Batwings1888162
5Ian KellyHurts When I PIM1687154
6TJ GierMid Ice Crisis17114150
7Blake HollandHurts When I PIM1696152
8Jason HaasHonky Tonk Stomp15104146
9Kenryu Chris BrysonHonky Tonk Stomp1866124
10Richard LesleyStrome Troopers1693122
11Mark WoodsHurts When I PIM1656110
12Jim PettoDetroit Batwings133690
13Eric PichtStrome Troopers157290
14Nathan RiebschlagerHurts When I PIM125382
15Zach HughesStrome Troopers116280
16Brandon AriasHurts When I PIM95380
17Jason SwierczekHonky Tonk Stomp184370
18Richard PattersonExtreme Puckery124372
19Ashley ByarsHurts When I PIM123470
20Maxwell HonigHurts When I PIM124372
21Michael SigmondDetroit Batwings145272
22Mike Sommer IIIExtreme Puckery175272
23Bryan KnausHurts When I PIM125270
24Joe PetersonDetroit Batwings162460
25Brian Bair JrMid Ice Crisis154262
26Andrew RuhrdanzStrome Troopers154260
27Tracy BradyExtreme Puckery130660
28Sam HutchinsonMid Ice Crisis162460
29Patrick KimmellDetroit Batwings125160
30Damaris HoekstraDetroit Batwings140660
31Nolan GaskillHurts When I PIM155164
32Justin RybaDetroit Batwings133250
33Jim MoraguesHonky Tonk Stomp173250
34Tanya HansonExtreme Puckery162350
35Austin HenningsenHurts When I PIM112350
36Matthew SchellHurts When I PIM122352
37Jeremy VoightStrome Troopers131450
38Stephen Ashmore SrDetroit Batwings153250
39Jeff JohnstoneDetroit Batwings163250
40Damin Saudi-CarusoMid Ice Crisis142242
41Hans SteenbockMid Ice Crisis152242
42Brian Bair SrMid Ice Crisis161342
43Austin AbellExtreme Puckery114042
44Kris CulbertsonStrome Troopers113140
45Ricky ToddMid Ice Crisis131340
46Ethan HarnerMid Ice Crisis153140
47Jeremy BermanHonky Tonk Stomp122242
48Gib FilterDetroit Batwings122240
49Tom BouthillierStrome Troopers153140
50Alejandro LuyandoStrome Troopers142240
51Brianna PetersonDetroit Batwings161230
52John DineenHonky Tonk Stomp153032
53Trever CoombsHonky Tonk Stomp132132
54Sean CoxStrome Troopers112132
55Deb HoffnungHonky Tonk Stomp170332
56Mark MoraguesHonky Tonk Stomp151234
57Daryle LaFleurMid Ice Crisis141234
58Jason VanderworthDetroit Batwings122130
59William BernardHonky Tonk Stomp160330
60Kevin AndersonStrome Troopers152130
61Nate KingstonStrome Troopers112130
62Maren AngusHonky Tonk Stomp102022
63Deron AndersonHurts When I PIM141120
64Beckie BartaExtreme Puckery110220
65Keith HarnerMid Ice Crisis112020
66Collin SteimerSchlitz Faced81120
67Graham WaddellExtreme Puckery102020
68Patrick BerryDetroit Batwings191122
69Rob ReinhardHurts When I PIM140220
70Kathy MashanicStrome Troopers111120
71Robert WachholtzMid Ice Crisis130220
72Jacob ThornleyHurts When I PIM161120
73Jordan MillerExtreme Puckery160220
74Geoffrey OvertonExtreme Puckery141010
75Cara CoulterHonky Tonk Stomp10110
76Chris AndersonMid Ice Crisis131010
77Kristen BrockmanDetroit Batwings160112
78Michael BeckerThinkin with our Dekes30114
79Devin PedersenHurts When I PIM90110
80James VukonichMid Ice Crisis41012
81Scott NelsonHonky Tonk Stomp21012
82Neal HoevetExtreme Puckery100110
83Keith DavidsonHurts When I PIM50110
84Steven NorrisHonky Tonk Stomp90112
85Stephani BennettStrome Troopers110110
86Marcel ErkensMid Ice Crisis170110
87Charles SatterleeStrome Troopers61012
88Brian DurkanDetroit Batwings101010
89Erin SobanskyHere 4 Beer00000
90David BolteIn Your Crease00000
91Daniel BrinkmanMid Ice Crisis120000
92Colin CadyIntermediate B White00000
93Dave BinderupReverse Engineers00000
94Jared JonesUh Oh BosettiOs00000
95Kaitlin CoughlinIn Your Crease00000
96Sarah RuhrdanzStrome Troopers60002
97Brianna SommerExtreme Puckery70000
98Sam CludinskiEvery Day Im Byfuglien10000
99Connor WatsonReverse Engineers00000
100Jon EdenRiver City Devils30000
101AJ WeesReverse Engineers00000
102Michael BosettiUh Oh BosettiOs00000
103Scott StremickExtreme Puckery140000
104Kevin BroichIn Your Crease00000
105Patrick BennettUh Oh BosettiOs00000
106Cody SobanskyHere 4 Beer00000
107Thomas RoehrReverse Engineers10002
108Thomas AndersenMighty Drunks00000
109Joe DavidUh Oh BosettiOs00000
110Bob RankinUh Oh BosettiOs00000
111Alex JohnsonReverse Engineers00000
112Mike MashanicIn Your Crease00000
113Nick RitterHere 4 Beer00000
114Steve ConnellyThinkin with our Dekes50000
115Leia ThompsonHonky Tonk Stomp110002
116Nick DigilioHere 4 Beer00000
117Alec HoganBattle Cattle00000
118Michael B JohnsonHere 4 Beer00000
119Hope BlakelyIn Your Crease00000