What is MCHL?
MCHL (Metro Classic Hockey League) is a co-ed adult recreation ice hockey league. It is a non-check league. We have a winter and a summer season.

Winter Season;
Our winter season is 22 games plus a double elimination playoff. It runs from November to May. Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays. Our winter season has an All-Star game in February. Players for the All-Star game are voted in by their peers

Summer Season;
Our summer season is 17 games and championship game for the top two seeded teams. It runs from June to September. Games are played on Sundays.

Our teams are drafted by captains.

When you register you are placed on a list for that season. After you have paid your name will go on the draft list for at season. The draft will take place and you will be placed on a team. You will then get an email with your team info and schedule for the season.

Each season we ask our captains to rate our players so our drafts produce more evenly matched teams.

As of Summer 2019, we started a new website. We now have added grater detail for player statistics. A details of each game score sheet is entered into our database. Each player has their very own page with these all time statistics.

We have a black and a white jersey set. You buy them once and you will not need to buy them again. They are a $40.00 one time buy (as of 6/10/2020)

We have a beginner program for our winter and summer season. It is a 4 session course teaching the basics of hockey and what to expect in the league. I it managed by a USA Hockey certified coach.

If people need help in paying for their season, we offer the option of being an official either through score keeping or refereeing to cover season fees.

We keep our season fees as low as we can. We do our best to keep the price around $15.00 a game on average.

Mission Statement:

Our goal with the Metro Classic Hockey is to provide a setting where adults can learn and continue learning the game of ice hockey, both as participants and as fans. We strive to provide a league that is competitive while still maintaining and emphasizing maturity and sportsmanship. We enforce a zero tolerance policy for fighting and major penalties along with our exclusive No Ringers Allowed rule, which allows us to keep individual players from dominating any level of our program.


The Metro Classic Hockey League (MCHL) was founded in 1995. The league was founded and governed by adult Beginner and Intermediate hockey players for the continuing advancement of adult recreational hockey as an amateur sport and hobby.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Please review our Penalties Page and our League Policy Page.