Metro Classic Hockey League Official Rules and Procedures

Mission Statement

Our goal with the Metro Classic Hockey League is to provide a setting for adults to learn and continue learning the game of ice hockey, both as participants and as fans. We also strive to provide a league that is competitive while still maintaining and emphasizing sportsmanship. We enforce a zero tolerance policy for fighting and major penalties along with our “No Ringers Allowed” rule, which allows us to keep advanced players from dominating this intermediate level program. Metro Classic Hockey League was founded and is governed by Adult Beginners for the continuing advancement of adult recreational hockey as an amateur sport and hobby.

Playing Rules and Procedures

Metro Classic Hockey League games are not USA Hockey sanctioned. However, all games are played using the USA Hockey 2021-25 Rule Book, except where strengthened in this document. Metro Classic Hockey League is “No-Check”. USA Hockey has also added a Standard of Play and Rule Emphasis.

League Modifications

Team Jerseys: All players and goalies on the same team must have similarly colored jerseys. The jersey for each player and goalie of the team must have a unique, permanently affixed, ten inch high number on the back of the jersey. (No taped-on numbers). The number must correspond to the number for that player or goalie on the team roster.

Rule 201c – Composition of Teams:Any team that does not have at least ten (10) players be given the following options, to have their game count:

  1. Play the game with the players they have even if it is fewer than ten (10), although they must have a minimum of 6 players to start the game (Rule 201).
  2. Pick up players up to ten (10), but have the captain of the other team approve the players. If the captain of the other team opposes a player, then that player is ineligible to play. If substitute players have been agreed upon these players must be reported to the scorekeeper and the officials.
  3. Goalies are exempt from this rule. Goalies need to continue with the current process of notifying their captains at least a week before the game in order for the MCHL Staff to assist in finding a replacement goalie.
    Rule 304a – Equipment: All players are required to wear full hockey equipment (facemasks are strongly recommended). Players not wearing the required equipment will be assessed a minor penalty and will not be allowed to play until the proper equipment is in place.

Required Equipment: (all equipment must be approved for ice hockey use)

  1. Helmet
  2. Elbow Pads
  3. Gloves
  4. Knee/shin protectors
  5. Ice skates (obviously)

Strongly recommended, but optional equipment:

  • Mouth guard
  • Full or partial face protection
  • Mid-section protection – hockey pants or girdle/shell
  • Shoulder/chest protector

Rules Continued

Rule 401(b) – Any player who receives 3 penalties in a single game is removed from that game. That player suspend for 1 game and could receive more games depending on the severity

Rule 404(d) – Misconduct Penalties (Excessive Penalties): If a player receives three penalties in a game, he/she will receive a game misconduct and a one game suspension.

Rule 410 – Supplementary Discipline: League Management, at their discretion, will investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game and will assess additional suspensions for offenses that may occur before the game, during the game, or after the game, whether or not the offense has been penalized by the officials.

Rule 601(g) – Physical abuse of referees: Any player who physically abuses the officials will be permanently expelled from the league.

Rule 613 – Fighting or fisticuffs: Any player given a fighting penalty will be suspended for four games. Fighting, for the purposes of Metro Classic Hockey League includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Punching, or attempting to punch another player. Physically hitting or striking the player is not a requirement.
  2. Touching the head of another player in any way with a closed fist or open hand.
  3. Any altercation between players that requires stoppage of play or disruption in the game to resolve or break up.
    Rule 613d: Any intervention in an altercation by another player will result in a game misconduct penalty to that player under Rule 613d (Third Man In). Action of players not directly involved in the altercation:
  4. Stay away from the altercation.
  5. Go to your bench.
  6. Goalies stay in your crease (unless the altercation is in the vicinity of your crease).
  7. DO NOT TRY TO INTERVENE IN THE ALTERCATION. It’s not your job as a player to try and break up the altercation. It’s the official’s responsibility. Let them do their job.
    Rule 613f: A game misconduct and a two game suspension will be awarded to any player who drops the stick and gloves in preparation to fight.

Rule 620 – Icing: Metro Classic Hockey League uses the defensive blue line for icing calls.

Rule 635 – Start of Game and Periods: If the start of a game is delayed by events that are not the responsibility of the teams participating in the game, e.g., the ice is not resurfaced on time, an earlier game runs over the allotted time slot, etc., then the game curfew time shall be adjusted so that the full one hour is allowed. If the start of a game is delayed by a team failing to appear on the ice promptly, the situation shall be addressed under Rule 635e.

Rule 637 – Time of Match: All games consist of three 17-minute, running clock periods. The ice will not be resurfaced between periods. All games must be completed in the one hour curfew time. Should the goal differential be two goals or less and the time remaining in the third period is 2 minutes or less, the clock will stop with each stoppage in play.

Additional penalty rules are on this page: Penalty Rules

Officials, please see the updated USA Hockey rule book for more detail if you are not familiar: