Fighting Penalties:

The Metro Classic Hockey League employs a zero tolerance policy on fighting. Fighting penalties as sanctioned by the games officials will result in league expulsion and forfeiture of all league fees. This includes, but is not limited to, all fisticuffs’ activity in the ice, in the facility and on arena property. There are no exceptions. Any and all penalties that are designated as fighting penalties, or an intent to injure will be administered to in the above manner. Any fights on city property will be reported to the local Police Department, and will be considered for assault charges. There will be no appeal or recourse process. ALL suspensions and expulsions will be administered by the League Board of Directors and/or Executive Director.

Major Penalties:

In addition to fighting penalties, no one player can receive more than two major penalties per season, (resulting in a suspension). The third major penalty assessed to a player will result in league expulsion and forfeiture of all league fees. Three (3) minor penalties in one game will be a game ejection and recorded as a major penalty for the season. There will be no appeal or recourse process.
Abuse of an Official

Any physical altercation or threats, directed towards a League Official or Ice Arena staff will be considered, an abuse of official. Any such activities will be an automatic expulsion from the Metro Classic Hockey League.

Team captains and assistants only, should discuss sanctions with league officials. Referees, score keepers, Metro Classic Hockey League staff and directors will not discuss game situations or league issues with any player other than captains and assistant captains on the ice, during, or immediately after a game. Team captains may make requests for a review of a situation off the ice via e-mail within 24hours of the incident. Any player that confronts an official regarding penalties or league issues, or sanctions on or off the ice, will be subject to severe penalties and suspensions, this will be your team captain’s responsibility and right.

Under NO circumstance will any Refund be made for any reason, this includes injuries, relocation and, includes but is not limited to any other league sanction, suspension or expulsion.