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Recent All Star Games:

For the MCHL level All-Star game, they elected to do a skills competition before the game. Below are the results. Here are the winners for each category;

For speed skating, Max Veller was the fastest around that rink at 17.4 seconds.
For hardest shot, Tyler Latimer recorded a shot at 83 mph.
For accuracy, Matt Cameron hit all for targets in only 12 seconds

Winter 2021 Draft is Complete!!!

The draft has been complete for Novice, Intermediate B and Intermediate. Check the Teams Page for all the teams or you can use the search above for your name.

Summer Season Championship Games!

The summer season has come to an end! Congratulation to Sommer Time Squeeze for taking the Novice Championship. Non-Dairy Creamers for winning the Intermediate B championship. And, Team Ridgway for winning the MCHL championship!

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