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Drills & Dropin:

MCHL will be offering a Drills and Drop-in for beginners and novice skaters looking to improve their skill and knowledge of the game. Each month would be coached by a different coach. This would give multiple views of playing the game. They’re maybe some months where coaches will do it several times throughout the year but we are going to try to get a different coach each month.

We will have you pay per session. Each skate is $13.00. It will be held on Thursday nights, 5:45pm at Motto. The 1st 30-45min would be working on drills based on whatever that coach wants to pass on. The last 10-15min will be a dropin. Most will have to deal with skating outside your normal comfort zone (nothing too crazy) and positional hockey.

Please signup below, we will be limiting the amount of people we allow per session.

USA Hockey rules for 2021-2025:

MCHL has switched to the current USA hockey rules for 2021-2025. There are a few new rules the major changes below. Rule 612(b) is the big one. Captains, please let your team know.

New USA Hockey rules changes;
Rule 304, Immediate stoppage of play for loss of helmet.
Rule 601, Vaping/Smoking of any kind on the bench is a game misconduct.
Rule 610, Goalies can only freeze the puck while in the “act of playing goal”.
Rule 612(b), Calls for a defending zone face-off of the penalized team.
Rule 639, Slew-footing is now a major plus game misconduct.

Old MCHL rules you need to know;
Rule 401(b), Any player who receives 3 penalties in a single game is removed from that game. That player is then suspended for 1 game and could receive more games depending on the severity.
Rules 601(a-d), Minor and misconduct penalties can/will be given to any player violating “Abuse of Officials” rules. Please read these rules. This can even include, challenges or disputes the rulings of any official.
Rule 601(e), Any physical abuse of official results in removal of game and permanent expulsion from the league.
Rule 620, MCHL does old man rule, blue line icing not red line icing.
Rule 613, Any fighting player is removed from game and suspended for 4 games.
Rule 613(d), third man in is a game misconduct.

Officials, please see the updated USA Hockey rule book for more detail if you are not familiar:

League Registration:

League registration is always open. Signup and we will contact you with information as we learn about it.

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