Winter 2022 League Fees:

To play in the league you will need to have league jerseys. They cost $50 for the set. You will receive a black and white jersey. Most people already have a set of jerseys. They will not need to pay for the set again unless they would like new jerseys. This is intended to cut costs for the season. Below will have player and goalie registration fees. The details show player and goalie costs with or without order jerseys.

Early Registration FeesCosts
Player Jerseys Needed$440.00
Player No Jerseys Needed$390.00
Goalie Jerseys Needed$160.00
Goalie No Jerseys Needed$110.00
Early registration deadline9/5/21
Late Registration FeesCosts
Player Jerseys Needed$480.00
Player  No Jerseys Needed$430.00
Goalie Jerseys Needed$200.00
Goalie  No Jerseys Needed$150.00
Late registration deadline9/26/21
Plan #1
Plan #2
Plan #3
Plan #4
Player Jerseys Needed$110.00$110.00$110.00$110.00
Player No Jerseys Needed$95.00$95.00$95.00$105.00
Goalie Jerseys Needed$40.00$40.00$40.00$40.00
Goalie No Jerseys Needed$25.00$25.00$30.00$30.00
Payment Dates8/22/219/5/219/26/2110/3/21

Payment Methods:



Card Payment: Via Paypal