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Current Season Stats

Player Stats – Novice Summer 2024

Novice Player Stats – Summer 2024

1Brian Bair JrFighting Rempes755100
2Stefon HaederWingers Cover the Points67290
3John LiliedahlShakers and Soakers65160
4Cody NanceJust the Tip-In63360
5Dan AugensenShakers and Soakers64262
6Ronald BetitaFighting Rempes33252
7Tim GocWingers Cover the Points52240
8Alec OberndorferShakers and Soakers62240
9Jim PettoSoggy Nickels63140
10Shane NeubauerJust the Tip-In62240
11Reed CampbellSoggy Nickels51234
12Trever CoombsShakers and Soakers60332
13Megan NorrisShakers and Soakers32130
14Mike SigmondFighting Rempes61232
15Chris O’ConnorJust the Tip-In63030
16Stephen KrupaFighting Rempes50330
17Tom BouthillierFighting Rempes52130
18Camden GoleniakJust the Tip-In61230
19Jim MoraguesShakers and Soakers61120
20Derek CunninghamSoggy Nickels511212
21Kayla PajunenJust the Tip-In41120
22Andrew RuhrdanzSoggy Nickels41120
23Matt PiersonFighting Rempes51120
24Brendan LaneFighting Rempes61124
25David BosterJust the Tip-In42020
26Richard LesleyNWO62020
27Lucas WebnerShakers and Soakers61120
28Daryle LaFleurFighting Rempes41120
29Richard AlbinSoggy Nickels51120
30Bhishan PradhanSoggy Nickels50220
31Mario PoliteWingers Cover the Points61120
32Clay TorpinWingers Cover the Points62022
33Chris CheekFighting Rempes62020
34Kevin DupuisNWO42020
35Hans SteenbockWingers Cover the Points60110
36Brian Bair SrFighting Rempes61010
37Jennifer ReicheJust the Tip-In40110
38Ricky ToddFighting Rempes51010
39Robert DalzielShakers and Soakers61010
40Graham WaddellWingers Cover the Points31010
41Deb HoffnungWingers Cover the Points50110
42Sarah RuhrdanzSoggy Nickels40110
43Brandon VincitieFighting Rempes51010
44Mike DillingerNWO60112
45Chris RebsomJust the Tip-In50110
46Kathy MashanicNWO60112
47Shawn CooperWingers Cover the Points61010
48Terry HansenNWO60112
49Jeff JohnstoneJust the Tip-In60110
50Marcel ErkensFighting Rempes51010
51Blake BomaWingers Cover the Points60112
52Damaris HoekstraSoggy Nickels61010
53Jim HynekWingers Cover the Points501112
54Tanner AllenShakers and Soakers10000
55Eric KellettNWO20002
56Deron AndersonNWO50002
57Gary KrupaFighting Rempes30000
58Chris AndersonNWO60000
59Isaac SalahshurianShakers and Soakers60006
60Daniel BrinkmanJust the Tip-In40000
61Evash BeresiwskyWingers Cover the Points50000
62Mark DouglassHard Pass00000
63Alex EmersonHard Pass00000
64Kris CulbertsonNWO30000
65Greg BourquinNWO60000
66Justice KellettNWO30000
67TJ RedingtonShakers and Soakers60000
68Sean McArdleHard Pass00000
69Kristen BrockmanJust the Tip-In40000
70Colton MartinSoggy Nickels50000
71Brian GagnonHard Pass00000
72Tevin NedvedHard Pass00000
73Liane ZivitskiSlappy Seconds00000
74Andrew LundinShakers and Soakers40000
75Sean CoxShakers and Soakers20000
76Eric PichtSlappy Seconds00000
77James VukonichSlappy Seconds00000
78Sean OsborneSlappy Seconds00000
79Tracy BradySoggy Nickels40000
80Amanda HagerNWO50000
81Chris CadyShakers and Soakers60000
82Eli WillmsSlappy Seconds00000
83Brenda CunninghamSoggy Nickels00000
84Jon SamsSlow Children Playing00000
85Mark MoraguesShakers and Soakers30000
86Dillon McQuistanSlappy Seconds00000
87Douglas LaMarNWO50000
88Nicole LeVardiJust the Tip-In60002
89Eric FlockHard Pass00000
90Sam HutchinsonSlow Children Playing00000
91Kevin BroichInglewood Jack00000
92Samuel MonteleagreJust the Tip-In20000
93Jason JonesNWO60000
94Diane JonesNWO50000
95Jason VanderworthWingers Cover the Points50000
96Robert WachholtzSoggy Nickels50000
97Joel Van GesselFighting Rempes60002
98Bill BernardShakers and Soakers50000
99Kevin AndersonNWO40000
100Jacob BarnaHard Pass00000
101Stephen Ashmore SrSoggy Nickels60000
102Brian ThomasHard Pass00000
103Joe DavidHard Pass00000
104Bob RankinHard Pass00000
105Mike MashanicInglewood Jack00000
106Austin KimmellSlappy Seconds00000
107Shane PowersHard Pass00000
108Natalie HankinsJust the Tip-In50000
109Patti HynekWingers Cover the Points50000
110Nick DigilioSlappy Seconds00000
111Corinne LaneFighting Rempes10000
112Jordan MackeySlappy Seconds00000
113Kellen GocWingers Cover the Points50000
114Jordan MillerSoggy Nickels60000
115Alejandro LuyandoSoggy Nickels30000
116Damon SewellHard Pass00000
117Brian DurkanWingers Cover the Points40000
118Nolan GaskillSlappy Seconds00000
119Seth ScarlettJust the Tip-In50004

Goalie Stats – Novice Summer 2024

Novice Goalie Stats – Summer 2024

Player Stats – INTB Summer 2024

INTB Player Stats – Summer 2024

1Scott RoartySlow Children Playing65160
2Dan OlsonInglewood Jack65052
3Sean OsborneSlappy Seconds50552
4Desmond WalkerSlow Children Playing63140
5Justin ShepleySlappy Seconds54040
6Seth LubySlow Children Playing63030
7Adam BravoHard Pass61234
8Eric TangSlow Children Playing42130
9Brian GagnonHard Pass61230
10Eric PichtSlappy Seconds63030
11Jon SamsSlow Children Playing61230
12Dan BourneSlow Children Playing51230
13Chris BurtonInglewood Jack51230
14Joe DavidHard Pass63030
15Mike MillerInglewood Jack32020
16Jessica CurdSlappy Seconds51120
17Mark DouglassHard Pass50220
18RJ WeissInglewood Jack51122
19Tevin NedvedHard Pass62022
20Dillon McQuistanSlappy Seconds41120
21Tyler PowersHard Pass61120
22Jordan MackeySlappy Seconds31120
23Greg RuswickSlappy Seconds61010
24Alex EmersonHard Pass40110
25Dave BenakInglewood Jack31010
26Shawn RoskillySlow Children Playing41010
27Matt NorrisInglewood Jack51012
28Caley BaumgartInglewood Jack51012
29Liane ZivitskiSlappy Seconds50110
30Steven BarnhartSlow Children Playing51012
31Wrigley HollandHard Pass61010
32Sam HutchinsonSlow Children Playing40116
33Ella KneeInglewood Jack31010
34Daniel VarvaroSlappy Seconds50112
35Joel JohnsonSlow Children Playing31010
36Mike BrodersenInglewood Jack50110
37Austin KimmellSlappy Seconds51010
38Jeff FortnerSlow Children Playing60110
39Shane PowersHard Pass61010
40Nate GansemerSlow Children Playing40110
41Reed CampbellSoggy Nickels00000
42Mark DistefanoInglewood Jack40004
43Tim GocWingers Cover the Points00000
44Lori LeiboldSlow Children Playing40000
45Kayla PajunenJust the Tip-In00000
46Henry CordesInglewood Jack60002
47Scott McHattonInglewood Jack60000
48Sean McArdleHard Pass40000
49Trever CoombsShakers and Soakers00000
50Megan NorrisShakers and Soakers00000
51Joel LiraSlow Children Playing30000
52Mike AlstonSlow Children Playing60000
53James VukonichSlappy Seconds20000
54Tracy BradySoggy Nickels00000
55Eli WillmsSlappy Seconds60000
56Mark MoraguesShakers and Soakers00000
57Richard LesleyNWO00000
58Eric FlockHard Pass50000
59Kevin BroichInglewood Jack60000
60Elise McHattonInglewood Jack60000
61Richard AlbinSoggy Nickels00000
62Jacob BarnaHard Pass60002
63Eric ShepleySlappy Seconds40000
64Rob CaulkSlow Children Playing20000
65Stephen Ashmore SrSoggy Nickels00000
66Brian ThomasHard Pass30000
67Bob RankinHard Pass30000
68Mike MashanicInglewood Jack50002
69Clay TorpinWingers Cover the Points00000
70Nick DigilioSlappy Seconds40000
71Damon SewellHard Pass50000
72Nolan GaskillSlappy Seconds50000
73Dan AugensenShakers and Soakers00000

Goalie Stats – INTB Summer 2024

INTB Goalie Stats – Summer 2024